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     We are fully qualified Thai massage therapists. We graduated

 from Wat Po Traditional Medical School in Bangkok and have

overten years professional experience.

     So why did I choose to become a massage therapist? 

As far back as when I was ten years old I remember different

masseuses coming to my home to give my parents a massage.  I asked her if I could have one too.   Afterwards, I felt fresh and full of energy. I guess that’s when I fell in love with massage.   I therefore, practiced massage on my parents and relatives and did foot massage on my father who complained of back pain.   They encouraged me to go further in massage techniques as they could see that I had a natural talent and aptitude for it.

When I was sixtreen I got a really bad problem with my back through sport.    I had a lot of pain and I couldn’t sleep at night. I turned to massage to help me through my problem and it really worked.  This is what really helped me to decide to make the Traditional Massage Techniques of my homeland my career. It has also helped me understand the discomfort my clients feel and the reasons they come to me for help.   I really do my best to help them feel better.


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