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Waxing is a natural depilatory treatment that respects the skin 
and can be adapted to any part of the face or body. Choose between hot or strip wax for precision hair removal. 

Hot waxing - Wax is applied in even layers and removed with the hands. 

Strip waxing - Wax is applied to the desired area and removed with a strip. 


Full Leg (including bikini line) 60 mins £40

Full Leg 45 mins £32

Lower half Leg 30 mins £20

Upper half Leg 30 mins £22

Bikini 15 mins £15

Extended bikini line 15 mins £18

Brazilian 30 mins £30

Hollywood 30 mins £35

Underarm 15 mins £15

Full Arm 30 mins £23

Forearm 20 mins £15

Lip or Chin 10 mins £10

Eye-Brow 20 mins £12

Please note: This is an unsuitable method of hair removal if you have a sunburn, recently received a laser peel or have been using Retinol A, Roaccutane or any medication that increases skin exfoliation within the last 3 months.



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